February 2012 Prayer Letter

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Do Something: Want to start reading the Bible?!

One of my favorite things about Facebook is the opportunity it allows us to share and connect with all sorts of people in a positive way. I get lots of questions on Facebook from people about my beliefs. I always enjoy opening a message from a mom who wants her kids to know Christ but doesn’t know how to talk to them about it. Or parents who don’t know how to answer the questions their kids ask them about God. Or someone who wants to read the Bible but has no clue where to start. A lot of messages I get start by saying “This may sound like a dumb question…” but the truth is there are no dumb questions. I love all these questions because the answer leads people to God!! So please keep sending me messages!!

The question I get the most is the question about where to start reading in the Bible. My suggestion is to start in the New Testament with Mark, John and Luke. In those books you get clear descriptions of Jesus and how He lived, died and rose again.

You can go to www.everystudent.com for insight on alls sorts of things about life and God. You can literally ask questions or research things on your own through out the site.

If you would like how to know God personally, you can read the Four Spiritual Laws on www.WhitneyLaney.com I also have a Daily Devotional featured there from Campus Crusade for Christ.

Student Venture: ‘It’s Time’ Prayer Conference

I hope everyone is having a great week! As you may know God has blessed me with the privilege of working with Campus Crusade for Christ (changing its name to CRU in 2012 in the U.S.) I am a part of the Student Venture Ministry, dedicated to teenagers and giving them the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to Jesus in their lives. We have the same goal as the college campus ministry of CRU, to have everyone student who graduates have the opportunity to not only hear the Gospel but also have the opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts. We share the Gospel but we also disciple and equip the teens with the tools needed so that they can be lights to their family and friends wherever God brings them in life, whether it is with in the clique at school, sports team/club and or in their sorority/fraternity when they go off to college.

This weekend (Oct 8-9) Student Venture is putting a huge Prayer Conference in Houston, Texas for Student Venture teens. I would normally be traveling to this but I have my first speech coming up on October 21st here and I need to focus and prepare, which I will give you more details of in a later time. For now, I wanted to share with you about the event this weekend, It’s Time. Please check out the flier below!


We are also asking for prayer support. We are asking staff, teens, family and friends to pray for the success of God’s work during he conference – the goal is to have a person in prayer over the conference at all times while the event is actually happening! The power of prayer is amazing! You may sign up to pray here! http://bit.ly/qdbqFo

For more info on It’s Time please visit our website at http://www.svprayer.com/