Will You Choose to Open Your Eyes or Harden Your Heart?

My dear friend and brother, John Ginn, who I met on the Philippines Mission Trip wrote a post on Facebook earlier this week I really enjoyed. I asked him if I could share his post with you via my blog and he said yes, so here it is! Great job John!!

Why would anyone believe in a God whose very existence is questionable at best and who is seemingly only interested in our lives in order to determine whether we obey century-old rules written in a book of questionable authenticity? For most of us the analysis stops here, the line is drawn, and the question remains unspoken in the heart of the Christian or establishes the foundation of skepticism in the unbeliever.

However, can we legitimately conclude at this point that the existence of God is questionable and His promises outdated with no modern application? What would happen if we actually acted on His promises and believed them to be true?

One modern yet non-conventional example comes to mind: Tim Tebow. Tim believes God’s promises to be true and acts on them. More importantly, God has been true to His promises. The fact that Tim is one in six billion people and involved in a sport that is purely for entertainment purposes does not matter, God is faithful to His promise in Mathew: “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be given to you,” and in Psalms: “commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”

The Broncos began this season with a 1-4 record. After starting Tim as quarterback they have won seven games. However when Tim is interviewed the first thing out of his mouth is “I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” In an interview when asked about an opponent who sacked him and then mocked him by kneeling and folding his hands, Tim stated that it was a good hit. He “seeks first the kingdom of God” by practicing humility and giving Jesus the credit instead of taking it for himself.

Complementing someone who just mocked you and humility amidst great success is not something that occurs naturally. Furthermore, a young quarterback clearly seeking first the kingdom of God and in turn experiencing great success is not a coincidence. It is one small example of how God keeps his promises and rewards those who pursue him.

God unequivocally promises in Jeremiah: “you will find me when you seek me with all of your heart,” and Jesus states in John: “whoever believes in me will not perish but have eternal life.” Will you choose to open your eyes and act on his promises?

If you want to check out John and I at Uncle Dick’s Orphanage in the Philippines, click here.


Baby DJ, Inc.

No Grinch's allowed in the Toy Warehouse!! =)

I know I have not posted lately but I have been immersed in the Baby DJ Toy Warehouse. I am blessed to be involved with them for my third year!!! One of my favorite parts of working at XL 1067 was the opportunities it gave me to give back to my community. That is why even though I am no longer a part of the morning show I still wanted to give back and be an active player in Baby DJ. When Johnny called and asked if I would still coordinate things for Baby DJ, I was so excited!! My biggest fear when leaving the station was that I would lose the community involvement the station allowed. But God has blessed me again and allowed me to be more involved than I ever was in the past even being a part of the XL Morning Show. And this year Baby DJ will provide Christmas for more families than ever!! Over 5,000+ kids who other wise would wake up with nothing on Christmas morning will wake up with food, a tree and toys Christmas morning!!

Incase you don’t know anything about Baby DJ, here is some info:

Thank you North American Risk Services for donating money and toys to Baby DJ!

The Baby DJ program began over 18 years ago when its founder “Johnny Magic” was inspired to provide assistance to families of economic disadvantage in the Central Florida area. As the host of Central Florida’s top rated morning radio show, Johnny has had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time working throughout the community and witnessed firsthand the struggle that many families experienced in providing their children with necessities, especially during the holiday season.

From that moment of inspiration, Johnny began to dedicate his time and resources to developing a program that would make it possible for impoverished families to provide a wonderful holiday experience for their children. In the years since, Baby DJ has worked in collaboration with local churches and nonprofits organizations to fulfill this mission. Baby DJ volunteers have spent countless hours collecting and distributing resources to assist families in need, and the organization has since expanded to include several other charitable efforts that take place throughout the year.

Past Years

Thank you Oral & Facial Surgery Centers!! Check out those toys!!

In past years, Baby DJ has worked in collaboration with other charitable organizations, lending our marketing resources, community connections, and sweat equity to make each campaign with which we have partnered a success. As we have grown, we have realized that our Baby DJ program has become more than just a campaign that operates in collaboration with other nonprofits. During the 2009 holiday season the number of requests for participation in the Christmas program was more than substantial, and a decision was made that this would be the last holiday season in which we operated under an established entity. It became apparent that Baby DJ had a life of its own, and that recruitment of a board of directors and incorporation as a distinct entity was necessary. Thus, in July of 2010 Baby DJ, Inc. was established as a Florida nonprofit corporation.

You can check out more about Baby DJ on our Facebook page or on the website.

Thank you everyone who has been a part of Baby DJ!! We start welcoming families into the Toy Warehouse in just a few days!! Then its shopping with families till December 22nd!! I love Baby DJ!!