A Piece of Heaven at Uncle Dick’s Orphanage

Journal Entry: July 3, 2011
Had the most amazing experience of my life. I could live at the orphanage with the kids. Alvin, Carlos, Don Don, Christian, Sheldon, Melody, Angel, JP, Jennifer, Baby Bob and a bunch of kids. But the one I really connected with was Alvim. Alvin held my hand the entire time. He is adorable. We started by walking around the grounds and checking out the pavilion. Dogs and chickens were everywhere. I even think I saw a hummingbird.

With Hannah before Crossing the ‘rickety old bridge’!

After that we had lunch and put on play clothes. We walked, well actually I ran holding hands with Don Don, Christian, Sheldon and Alvin. They had this awesome rickety old bridge that crossed a huge river with rapids. After we crossed we found ourselves in a huge cornfield. We started running down the river and all the dogs were running and barking on the other side. John climbed a coconut tree and ran straight up on a cobra that stood up quick to strike. One of the children ran up saying it was unsafe so we so we went back and as we started to cross the bridge is started pouring down rain. We then played ‘keep away’ in the rain with the children for hours! We played boys vs. girls, climbed trees, tried to eat guava and ate the best mangoes of my life.

Playing keep away with Alvin in the Rain at Uncle Dick’s Orphanage

The boys playing Angry Birds on my iPhone

We cleaned up for dinner and then the kids in the orphanage started playing with my iPhone to see pictures from America. We all started playing games like Monopoly and Life on my iPhone. Their favorite game by far was Angry Birds. The kids loved taking my camera to take pictures as well. They got a bunch of good ones that I am excited to print.

Katy brought her beanies babies to give to all the kids as well. They loved it! And are great at sharing. Alvin picked out a buffalo named Roam to keep that was brown like his Teddy bear named Jeffrey. Jeffrey had a shirt so Alvin cut it and used part of it to make a collar for Roam. It was adorable. (writing through fields on the way from the orphanage to the airport, hence the chicken scratch).

My new friend’s Roam and Jeffrey.

Sitting with Baby Bob

After dinner the kids put on a really nice show for us. Even Baby Bob got up to sing and dance. Baby Bob was definitely overwhelmed by all the Americans and would cry when anyone came near him but after dinner I won over Baby Bob’s heart. He sat on my lap, gave me kisses and sang songs. He made me feel so special that he liked me.

I also found out that Alvin was 12 years old and has the same birthday as my husband, Andrew. October 23rd. Alvin and I were kismet from the start. Alvin even said good night to me and then woke me up in the morning!! I will NEVER forget my time at Uncle Dick’s Orphanage. I can’t wait till God brings me back there!! It seriously felt like a little piece of Heaven being there.

Uncle Dick’s Orphanage in Mindanao Philippines


2 thoughts on “A Piece of Heaven at Uncle Dick’s Orphanage

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  2. You truly are an amazing woman… I wish I could touch as many young lives as you do. You are such an inspiration. May God continue to use you in such special ways.

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