Diary: A Deaf class invites Jesus into their Hearts!

Journal Entry: June 29, 2011
Had yet another amazing experience… I was able to share the good news with a deaf class in the Philippines. They were talking about skipping the class cause it would be difficult to translate from english to tagalog to sign language. However I said no way are we missing that class room. And I am so glad that I stood up and said we are going in because I had the most awesome experience. It took two sign language teachers to interpret the good news but by the end 36 deaf Filipino children took Jesus into their hearts, as well the two teachers. They were all so into it. When we got into the part about Hell I could see the worry on all their faces and when they found out Jesus was alive and could live in their hearts I could see the excitement in their eyes. It was very cool to witness. The easy thing to do would have been to walk away from that classroom but I am so glad I didn’t! I shared the Gospel a little different with them as well. I told them how God created them in His image and that they are all special. They loved that Jesus could live in their hearts and I made sure to make it very clear to always turn to Him in good and bad times. And that whether they can hear or not, have blonde hair or black hair God loves us all the same. When I finished sharing the Gospel the children were signing to me I love you, thank you and God Bless you. It really touched my heart! It was really cool.

check out some of the video from that day…


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