Diary: A Divine Appointment

Journal Entry: June 28, 2011

A cute baby playing outside our broken down Jeepney in Manilla.

Driving around the Philippines and we got a flat tire. Most people would be frustrated but I used it as an opportunity to spread the word of Jesus. First I gave a track to a little old man with no shirt or shoes on who was missing his teeth. Then I started to give a track to every person who walked past our Jeepney and I noticed the little old man stop to read the track. When I saw this I waved him back over to the Jeepney and told him I came from America to spread the word of Jesus and I asked if I could share with him. He said yes but spoke poor English so I tried to explain using the correlating spot with the track which was in Tagalog for him to understand. When I got to the part where you can invite Jesus into your life, if you chose, I asked if that was something he wanted to do, and if he wanted to pray to ask Jesus to come into his heart. He said yes and he repeated the prayer in English after me to give his life over to God. I knew I was going to come to the Philippines to share the Gospel with school children and was so excited God presented the opportunity to share with this cute little old man.

A few minutes later the other Americans saw some kids playing basketball and asked the Pastors if they could go talk to them and play. As we walked down 100 yards or so to the children I noticed a family sitting on the stoop outside. It was a Grandmother, two Mothers, a Father and 3 children. I told the others to go ahead and that I wanted to speak to this family. I approached the Grandmother and asked if I could share the good news with her and her family, I explained I traveled all the way from America to share this news. She said yes and they spoke enough English that I could give the entire Gospel presentation. I then asked the entire family if they wanted to invite Jesus into their hearts right now and they all said yes. The Grandmother stopped me before we prayed to get one more family member out of the house to pray with us as well. This touched me because I knew in that moment she understand the importance of this moment in her families life. We prayed and then when I was telling their family that they are now children of God, the americans walked back up from playing basketball and it was perfect timing to tell them that they now have us all as their American brothers and sisters and that they were now our Filipino brothers and sisters. It was an amazing experience and an incredible divine appointment from God. When I was done I gave them some tracks and the Grandmother asked if she could share with her brother and one of the mothers asked if she could have more to share with her friends. I encouraged them to share the good news with everyone! It was beyond amazing. Who knew a flat tire would give me the opportunity to bring an entire family to Christ. Well I guess God knew they needed to hear it so he gave us the opportunity with the flat tire. 🙂


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