Diary: In Manilla at my first school

5am outside the first schools with Chloe & Hannah in Manilla, Philippines.

Journal Entry: June 27, 2011
Sitting in my first school in Manilla about to watch Chloe share the gospel. I am so excited! We are at an elementary school with 1,900 students. Chloe and I are sitting in the Principals office with the Pastors now – Nolie, Mars and Pastor Bong. I took the time to pray with Chloe before she steps out to share the gospel with all the children. My roomates and I have started praying at night together as well. This trip is incredible! Jesus is working in Filipino and American lives!

I just now finised sharing the gospel with my first three classrooms and the Holy Spirit moved through me perfectly. The words came right to me. I was not nervous and each student I shared with acknowledged that they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! (117 students).

At my second school of the day I visited four classrooms and shared with another 200 students. Then went to another school and shared with four more classrooms. And at my very last school for the day, I did my first big assembly. I shared the gospel with 1,000+ elementary schoolers! I am loving every minute of this!

Today alone 9 Americans shared the gospel with 12,751 Filipino students in Manilla. I personally shared with 1,571. I can’t wait for tomorrow, even though we wake up at 4:30am. I am used to it anyways from the radio station 🙂

With the kids after sharing the gospel with 1,000+ elementary school kids! My first big assembly in the Philippines.


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