Take a Peak into my Diary

After just meeting Katrina we hop on a flight from Jacksonville to the other side of the world!

I was looking over the journal I kept in the Philippines and I’m kind of in awe of what I wrote and how God used me to do everything I prayed about. Lots of people ask me what I really did and experienced on the mission trip. I was going to start blogging about some of my favorite experiences so I sat down and opened my journal this morning to see what I should share. Well, I think I have decided to share it all. This way you can see what a mission trip is like if you feel God is calling you, or just to read about my experiences overseas or maybe as encouragement to know how much God loves each and everyone one of us and can use us for great things if we let him! But mostly, I hope this inspires you on your walk with the Lord. This trip was the most rewarding experience of my life and I pray God will use me on many more to spread the gospel!! So here is an inside peak into my diary from the Philippines. I am going to write word for word what I wrote starting from day #1 when I was sitting on the plane. Ok, Here it is… an inside look into my diary! Enjoy and don’t make fun! Haha.

Journal Entry: June 25th, 2011
Starting the adventure of a lifetime today. I am writing from a plane on the way to Nagoya Japan. Sitting here and I have been going over my testimony and gospel presentation. Feeling confident that God will give me everything I need to touch the lives of the people I meet in the Philippines. I know at the end of the day “we are by grace saved through faith – not of ourselves but by the free gift of God.” I am trusting God to use me as a vessel to do his work.

Journal Entry: June 26th, 2011
One day into my travels and it has already been an amazing trip. Jesus is definitely with us and touching people before we have even landed in Manilla. Not only has God been touching the lives of the flight attendants and passangers, he is working in me. The people I have met are amazing. I feel blessed to have met Carolina & Katrina and that they will be in my group for 3 weeks. They are wonderful girls who I know will encourage me to continue on a rightous path.

Lord, I pray that while I’m here and making life long friendships I keep the main focus on you. I want to be stripped down to the bare bone and built back up in your name. Let this trip forever change my life and me.

Flying into Manilla and overlooking the city right now!! I can’t believe after two days of traveling I am about to land and start this adventure!


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